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giới thiệu


The Order of Saint Paul of Chartres in the Diocese of Da Nang, run by nuns, spans 13 provinces, including the central provinces of Vietnam. Thanh Tam Specialized School originates from the charitable works of the Sisters of Saint Paul. It is here that the teachers have clearly experienced the need for rehabilitation equipment (hearing aids, wheelchairs, etc.) aids, etc.), teaching and learning equipment for teachers and children with disabilities.

Our experience from the contacts with the public shows that many people want to help disadvantaged students with disabilities but hesitate because they don’t have any reliable means to send them help directly. We created this website for this purpose, so that benefactors are able to have a direct contact with school when needed.

sứ mệnh

Community work: efforts to make the community understand and participate in the special education programs with a simple, understandable, responsible and conscious way to address inequality in education.