We Need Your Expertise!

Every year the contribution of volunteers makes the difference. Giving your time, skills and creativity is valuable to us.
Currently, we would welcome volunteers in the following areas:
Community outreachTo ensure that we reach out to families in remote areas who need support to raise their disabled child, we are assisted by volunteers who go on visits to these families.If you would like to contribute to this project, you are very welcome. Please contact us.


Our staff is learning English and need practice. If you have an hour or two a week to dedicate to conversational English, please contact us.


We work in Vietnamese, English, French and Japanese. We would welcome the assistance of translators. If you are fluent in 2 of these languages and would enjoy translating once in a while, please contacts us.


We organise or participate to events several times of year. These events are important for us to deliver our messages of inclusion of disabled people in our community. If you enjoy events organisation, please contact us.

adress e-mail annatuyetlan@gmail.com