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Danang City is situated 764 km south of the Vietnamese capital, Hanoi, and 964 km north of Ho Chi Minh City. It is bordered by Thua Thien-Hue province to the north and Quang Nam province to the south. The population of Danang City is 764,500 (2004 figure). Covering an area of 1,255.5 sq. km, it comprises the six districts of Hai Chau, Thanh Khe, Son Tra, Ngu Hanh Son, Lien Chieu and Cam Le and the two rural districts of Hoa Vang and Hoang Sa.

Reopened in September 1980 the Thanh Tam Special School in Danang is a treatment and education centre which is housed in the Congregation’s buildings. It meets the day-to-day needs of disabled children, helping to put them on the road to recovery and establish a sound basis for life by providing financial assistance for health, psychological, psychiatric, educational and medical support.

In July 2010 the Thanh Tam Special School moved into new premises built for the Disabled Children’s Centre in the Ngu Hanh Son district of Danang.

The Thanh Tam Disabled Children’s Centre takes in children from the city of Danang and the surrounding provinces. No distinction is made on the grounds of ethnic origin, sex or religion. The children who come to the Centre are suffering from hearing impairment, intellectual impairment and cerebral motor impairment. Applications are accepted for children aged between three and twenty-five who are sufficiently independent to be able to follow the education or training programme.

The Centre receives children with disabilities resulting from exposure to Agent Orange and disabled children from deprived families. The complex measures 4,132 sq. m and has five separate units offering 13 classes for 202 children and 50 places for boarders (20 boys and 30 girls). According to the type of disability, this breaks down as follows:

Children with hearing impairment:72

Children with cerebral palsy: 45

Mentally disabled children (Trisomy, autistic, intellectual impairment):94

Priority objectives:
– developing the young people’s capacities and resources;
– developing self-sufficiency.

The Centre is run by the Congregation of St Paul de Chartres in Danang. It is managed by specialised educators, specialists and other staff. The management organises the life of the Centre in accordance with its internal rules. It is responsible for general administration, management of the complex and staff management and has responsibility for the school with the agreement of the Ministry of Education.

Thanh Tam’s Center ‘s Organization Chart

The Centre has:
– a director,
– 2 deputy directors,
– 36 educators,
– 3 administrative staffs,
– 7 therapists,
– 12 other staff members.

The Centre is operated as a medical, educational and social establishment which takes full care of the disabled children and adolescents in its charge and also helps the families of these children.

Working in collaboration with all the relevant bodies in the field of disability, the Centre also provides advice and assistance and manages screening and prevention, observation, reception, care, education, professional training and placement services and education campaigns in an open environment for disabled children and adolescents.

Early Prevention’s Programm in Quang Nam Province

It also promotes other services for disabled children and adults, carries out research and provides training for its staff.

The Centre comprises four units with a central administration. The four units are a socio-educational unit, a medical-social unit, an accommodation unit and a training unit.
The socio-educational unit runs classes for 46 children with cerebral motor disorders, 97 children with hearing deficiencies and 97 children with mental impairment. For children unable to be schooled in an ordinary environment, the unit provides special education and therapy adapted to meet all the needs of each individual child.

The medical-social unit comprises a multidisciplinary consultation unit, an early-intervention medical-social centre and a hearing equipment unit. The children are provided with care and training, their medical condition is regularly monitored and they take part in activities to develop personality, communication and social skills.

The accommodation unit offers 50 places for children and adolescents suffering from multiple disabilities which significantly reduce their independence as well as for disabled children from remote villages. The children are either full-time boarders or part-time boarders. The boarding facilities are managed by a team of social workers.

The training unit provides training leading to professional qualifications in the field of disability in partnership with the relevant departments of the City of Danang (health ministry, national education ministry) and university departments (Hanoi teacher-training university, Danang medical university, Hue medical university and Saigon medical university). It is also planning to develop databases to improve know-how and understanding of the process of producing social projects and the modelling of concepts, approaches and social projects on the basis of an impact assessment and project monitoring.

Training Course for staffs
Training Course for staffs

However, it is essential to continue this development in order to provide disabled children with access to education, but our sole resources come from the Convent of the Sisters of St Paul de Chartres and that funding is insufficient to cover the costs. Consequently, the Thanh Tam Special School is seeking donations to:
– buy equipment for the classes;
– pay the salaries of therapists and specialists;
– organise training courses for teachers and staff;
– refer chronic cases to health care and mental health professionals;
– share knowledge and experience in teaching and treatment with local and international specialists.

We would be most grateful if you could pass on this invitation to your friends and colleagues. To obtain more detailed information about our requirements, please follow the links for a presentation of our courses.
Contact person: Sister Anna Nguyen Thi Tuyet Lan, Director of the Centre.
Telephone: 84511 3958545
E-mail: thanhtamspc@gmail.com
Website: http://sites.internet.lu/folders/spcdanang/thanhtamdanang.htm
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You can make an immediate impact to improve the life of a child. Any donation you send will help us to provide much-needed services. Thank you for your help.

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