Our organizational Structure

Our Board members, with diverse talents and perspectives, form a dedicated team committed to the school’s mission of providing top-quality education and support to our students.  All of our board members hold Bachelor’s degrees in specialized education, and a 30% of them have also earned Master’s degrees in this field. Moreover, the collective expertise of our board is truly extraordinary, with each member amassing over two decades of invaluable experience within this realm.

Their collective knowledge and unwavering dedication make them the cornerstone of our specialized school’s governance, ensuring our continued excellence in delivering exceptional education and services to our students.

Sister Anne Tuyet Lan-Principal, Sister Anne Ngoc Thuy and Sister Marie Bao Khuyen- Vice Principals

The school consistently supports the professional development of its staff through specialized training courses related to disabled children’s care and education offered by the Ministry of Education and Training. Additionally, the institution actively recruits dedicated young nuns with the necessary skills and passion to manage the school.

Our team is diverse in terms of educational backgrounds. Among our teaching faculty, 0.1% has earned Master’s Degrees, while the majority, 99.5%, hold Bachelor’s Degrees. Furthermore, 0.4% of our staff members have Associate’s Degrees, bringing valuable skills and experience to our educational community.

Alongside professional development, Thanh Tam Specialized School also focuses on building a team of teachers and technical staff who are compassionate, responsible, passionate about their profession, and love children.


Thanh Tam Specialized School teachers and staffs