Empowering Communities for Inclusive Rights

1- Executive Summary:

The Empowering Communities for Inclusive Rights (ECIR) program aims to raise awareness among parents and the broader community in Danang city and Quang Nam province regarding the rights of children with disabilities. It seeks to create a more inclusive and equitable society by fostering a deeper understanding of the rights, needs, and potential of these children.

2- Program goals:

  • Equip the parents of children with disabilities with the knowledge and tools to advocate effectively for their children’s rights, ensuring access to education, healthcare, and social inclusion.
  • Raise awareness among community members in the districts about the rights and potential of children with disabilities, dispelling myths and stereotypes.


Rally for Autism Awareness Day

3- Key Achievements:

  • Conduct workshops and  training sessions for parents, focusing on disability rights, effective advocacy, and support for their children’s development.
  • Organize awareness campaigns, seminars, and community events to engage a wider audience and foster inclusive.
  • Collaborate with  local authorities, 12 schools, and  disability organizations to strengthen the impact of the program.

4- Challenges:

  • Raising awareness about the rights of children with disabilities and combating social stigma and discrimination can be an ongoing struggle.
  • Encouraging and maintaining active parental involvement in advocating for their children’s rights can be difficult over time, especially if parents face other socioeconomic challenges.

5- Areas of Growth:

  • Expand the program’s coverage to reach more remote and undeserved regions of Quang Nam province.
  • Strengthen community-led initiatives and self-help groups for parents and caregivers of children with disabilities can foster a sense of empowerment and grassroots support for the program’s objectives.
  • Establish and nurture networks of parents and caregivers of children with disabilities across regions can promote knowledge sharing, mutual support, and collective advocacy efforts.