Our students

Thanh Tam School is an inclusive educational institution in Da Nang, embracing disabled children irrespective of their background. It caters to a range of disabilities, including hearing impairment, motor disabilities, autism, and intellectual disabilities, starting from age 2 up to 16. Additionally, they offer vocational guidance for disabled adolescents aged 18 to 25.


Beyond academics, Thanh Tam School provides holistic support, including counseling, outreach, specialized education, and rehabilitation tailored to the needs of disabled children. They also collaborate with neighbouring communities to develop community-based physical therapy programs for children unable to attend school due to their circumstances.


In the 2023-2024 academic year, the school welcomes 294 students, with 249 in the educational section (ages 3 to 16) and 45 in the vocational orientation section (ages 18 to 25). The vocational orientation section aims to equip students with skills for future employment, with several successfully integrating into the workforce each year.


The school’s mission revolves around creating a comprehensive model for early intervention, healthcare, inclusive education, and career guidance, with a focus on holistic development and independence. Thanh Tam School is dedicated to providing disabled children and adolescents with opportunities for education, employment, and independent living.