Our story

Thanh Tam Special School was established in 1989 by the Congregation of the Sisters of Saint Paul of Chartres, a 17th-century Congregation from the village of Levesville, France with a rich history of dedicated service to the poor, sick, and marginalized.

In 1860, the Order of Saint Paul of Chartres emerged in Vietnam, where the first nuns were invited to manage schools, orphanages, and hospitals. The sisters have since carried out their mission of helping the poor and people with disabilities, evolving continuously in response to their communities’ changing needs. Currently, the Congregation has more than 1,000 nuns across four Provinces in Vietnam: Hanoi, Saigon, My Tho, and Da Nang. The nuns of the Da Nang Province’s Order of Saint Paul of Chartres have expanded their charitable mission to 13 provinces in Northern and Central Vietnam.

Thanh Tam School

At its inception 35 years ago, Thanh Tam Special School occupied one classroom on the Paul Monastery’s Anh Duong Kindergarten campus, comprising 15 students with disabilities. The school’s nuns and two teachers then spent years providing care, education, rehabilitation, and career guidance for children and young people with disabilities. This much-needed work built trust among parents, and student enrollment increased. As of 2024, Thanh Tam Special School comprises nearly 300 students living with disabilities, including polio, cerebral palsy, hearing impairment, intellectual disability, and autism.