Event Caritas date 15-11-2022

Today, Thanh Tam school is filled with a joyful and warm atmosphere thanks to the presence of benefactors from far away Germany. The visit is also an opportunity for all the sisters, teachers, staff and students of Thanh Tam school to express their gratitude to the benefactors for their help and companionship throughout the school year for nearly 20 years. This is also an opportunity for everyone to see the talent of the children studying at Thanh Tam school through small performances. From the preparation to the completion, there is a tremendous contribution from all: decorating the stage, preparing the seats, practicing the performances, performing, offering gifts to benefactors. Thereby, everyone can see the results of the efforts of all teachers and students at Thanh Tam school.

Here is the welcome program:

After the welcome part of the Principal, the two MCs introduced the program:

Thanh Tam School welcomes all benefactors visiting the school.

With gratitude, we would like to present to you the musical program performed by the students of the school.

1. Concert:

Thanh Tam Hanh Khuc, to begin today’s cultural program, performed by the students of the School’s Orchestra group.

  • Organ 1: Uyen Nhi
  • Organ 2: Bao Chau
  • Organ 3: Duc Tri
  • Organ 4: Bao Han
  • Organ 5: Anh Khoa
  • Organ 6: Thuy Duong

Thanh Tam March is a song expressing the spirit and will to overcome difficulties to live beautifully, live wisely, and live courageously, worthy of being a good and useful person. The song has shown the determination of all Thanh Tam students.

2. Sign dance:

Chalk dust performed by hearing impaired students in Sign Language.

Every time the melody of the song Chalk Dust resounds, it evokes the nostalgia of those who used to be students of a bygone era, the time of “no dust fell on the podium, there was dust on the teacher’s hair. ” – an image that only students can see and only when they are far apart will they realize how beautiful it is.

3. Singing accompaniment: Teacher

Here we come to the song “My mother at school, a loving teacher” performed by the physically disabled students group.

Living wholeheartedly with children can only be parents. But when going to school, many teachers still give their students sacred feelings like motherhood. The students loved their “mother at school” so much. This good feeling is expressed through the simple and

lovely melody in the song “Teacher” that the teachers and students of Thanh Tam School perform together.

4. Dance:

Meeting in the dream forest

The cultural program to welcome the benefactors ended with the dance performance “Meeting in the dream forest” performed by the students of the vocational training group.

For the people of mountainous ethnic groups, the arrival of spring, together with the blooming of flowers, is the endless joy of people in the sound of trumpet, flute, and horse music, dispelling the cold of winter in spring festivals, in Tet markets, this is the time when love and hope bloom and bear fruit. The song “meeting in the forest of dreams” is considered a beautiful love song by boys and girls in the Northwest mountains in a spring market in the middle of the dream forest.

Once again, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to our benefactors, who have always been with us in the past, and we hope that you will also continue to accompany us children, in the future , so that we have more opportunities to grow in all areas of our lives. We wish our benefactors abundant health, full of God’s grace in their lives.

The program to welcome the benefactors was only encapsulated in four small musical performances, but it was a great effort of the whole staff of Thanh Tam school. Thereby, the children of Thanh Tam school want to send a message: “We can do it!”. Sincere thanks to the children, teachers, sisters, parents and benefactors for their love and cooperation to give them hope and a good future.


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