Someone on our side: Advocacy for disabled children and young people

All children and young people have the right to have their views, wishes and feelings taken into account when decisions are made about their lives. Government policy, guidance and legislation have recognised and supported this right.

However, the evidence suggests that the participation of disabled children and young people in decision-making lags behind that of their non disabled peers. Advocacy is one way to facilitate disabled children’s involvement in decision-making but there is very limited information on the accessibility, use of, and benefits of advocacy for disabled children and young people.

We focus on low-income families with children with disabilities who need legal representation or in-depth case advocacy.  We advise parents of their legal rights, negotiates on their behalf, and represents them in administrative hearings to obtain the services their children need to support their development, succeed in school, and maximize their independence.

We will expect you to be someone who:
– speaks up for them
– legal represents them
–  has the information they need
– makes suggestions, shares opinions and makes their choices clearer
– is there to support and help them

You are in a position of great responsibility when children and young people with disabilities rely on you for information, advice, support, representation and to give them a voice. You are helping them to take control of their lives.

Learn more and take action:

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